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A Personal Invitation From Angie Monko...

During this 2 hour workshop, you will be introduced to the Worthy Self-Advocate, the conscious man or woman who wants to learn how to remain loyal to him or herself when the world is trying its best to get them to be someone else.

If you want to confidently and passionately live life on your terms without feeling guilty and selfish so that you have the most fun and fulfilling experience of life while inspiring others to do the same, this workshop is for you.

Our passion is to help you become a Worthy Self-Advocate, where you authentically speak up for yourself and go after your desires without becoming self-absorbed AND have healthy relationships without feeling like a doormat.  You do all of this by figuring how to make yourself happy without relying on others to do that for you.

We’re not suggesting that you become an island unto yourself either. Ironically, when you become loyal to yourself no matter what anyone else says or does and see yourself as a valuable person who deserves to have your needs and wants met, you become much happier, empowered and fulfilled. And there a few wonderful side benefits to this endeavor, if they are meaningful goals for you:

1)      You peacefully make more money in your business and/or               career because you begin to charge more. Net worth                       improves as self-worth improves.

2)      Your relationship struggles dissolve naturally and you have             much more harmony.

3)      Your health improves because you’re valuing your body                    more.

4)      You have much more energy to live a quality life.

5)      You inspire others to be their best and have much greater                impact.

You will be given the safe space and opportunity to get unstuck from perfectionism, fear of rejection/abandonment/loss, addictive behaviors, and procrastination so that you can begin to take actions that move you forward in your life. 

It’s really important to figure out how to manage your emotional reactions to life so you can begin to focus on things that bring you joy, like hobbies and interests you may have long stopped doing and spending quality time with those you care about.

If you own a business, it becomes easier to do income-producing activities when you feel peaceful and relaxed, like making sales calls, doing videos, and networking, things that make you visible to your ideal client.

In other words, as you become a Worthy Self-Advocate, you begin to feel worthy of receiving your good. You get into the flow because you can receive now, whereas in the past you gave and gave and gave but stopped the circulation when it came to receiving.

This safe space gives you the opportunity to change the belief that you aren't enough and start to believe from your soul that you ARE ENOUGH.

When you believe you are worthy of authentically speaking up for yourself, the opportunity is for you to experience long-lasting joy, freedom, peace, love, prosperity, and real contentment with life.

This is not a sexy proposition as most of us believe that our happiness comes from things outside of us, like the beautiful home or fancy car, the alluring spouse who adores us, the high-paying job that feeds our EGO, tons of friends who constantly reassure us of our value, beauty and worth.

But what if being happy had nothing at all to do with these things and everything to do with our relationship with our own self, our status of self with our own thinking? How loyal are you to yourself?

There are answers waiting for you that will relieve your feelings of overwhelm, fear and anxiety, that will allow you to tell a different story, that you DO deserve happiness.

We will use meridian tapping (aka emotional freedom techniques--it's like acupuncture without needles), along with mindful discussion, to calm the flight or fight response, and help you see yourself through a new lens of worthiness.

You have the ability to change your perception, if you're ready.  It's not what happens to you in life, but what you make it mean.

If you want to experience True Freedom, it will be necessary for you to break the bonds of perfectionism, fear of rejection, and addictive behaviors. When you do this, you will begin to trust yourself, a Higher Power, and others so that you no longer have to go it alone. You can be begin to feel true connection.

Wherever you are, that's okay.  Let's start having you receive, more love, more self-acceptance, more self-approval,  more self-trust, more self-forgiveness.  This Love has been inside of you the entire time.  

When you find this Worthy Self-Advocate within you, all of those other "things" that you think you WANT (the money, the status, image, approval from others, etc.) will show up. They'll show up because they are no longer required for you to have them in order to be happy.

Will you join us? I'd love to see you there!

Supporting you all the way,

Angie Monko

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Thursday, January 10th, 2019

6 PM - 8 PM

Movement 4 Life Physical therapy
47 Nationalway shopping Center
Manchester, MO 63011
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